I. ABYDOS/NJWPT offers a quality program in writing, reading, and literacy. It has as its foundation intensive training of teachers in writing theory and pedagogy. The solidity of the three-week writing institute ensures that teachers will have the opportunity to substantively contribute to the implementation of research-based teaching practices in their classrooms.

After the course, teachers will:
demonstrate the teaching of writing as a process;
teach language arts (support) skills within the writing process according to students' needs and state curricular guidelines;
write and share with students;
create a positive, non-threatening environment which encourages learning, participation, and risk-taking;
create a student-centered classroom;
teach students how to address a variety of audiences and write for many purposes in many modes;
understand the theory that supports the writing process;
use reading to teach writing and writing to teach reading.

II. ABYDOS/NJWPT does not release its day-by-day schedule or model to anyone but its trainers. Generally, however, the day begins at 8 or 8:30 am and concludes at 3:30 or 4:00 pm each day for fifteen days. Each day is a full six-hours, making this a 90 hour course of study. The mornings are spent this way:
grouping activities and conference time

The afternoons are spent this way:

poetry reading
hands-on strategies that both enable the theory and provide practice of the appropriate pedagogy
reading/writing connections conclude the day MWF
ludic reading concludes the day TT

A sample of topics taken during a typical NJWPT Writing Institute include prewriting strategies, genre, revision, publishing, skills, grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, developmental writing, invented spelling, reading/writing connections, ludic reading, cognitive developmental theory, brain theory, and various types of assessment.

III. Participants actively engage in all the activities and are assessed on participation and quality of interaction. Further, each participant writes a reflexive paper, which is published in the institute anthology and an extensive paper, which is sent out for publication. These papers are read and graded by way of an analytical scale to reach a letter course grade. Additionally, each participant keeps a writing portfolio. This is self-assessed at the conclusion of the institute.

IV. Audience: Teachers and administrators

V. Conducting ABYDOS/NJWPT Institutes: ABYDOS/NJWPT certified trainers.